Repair Chimney Before Having Roof Repairs

Posted on: August 7th, 2013 by editor

Yuck, and dangerous too !
Before you repair or replace that roof, have Landmark Roofing inspect that your chimney cap. chimney cover, masonry, brick joints, and chimney flashings are roof ready.

It’s not sexy, it’s just smart.
80% of the roofing we inspect has a chimney that needs attention. It is so much easier to do that chimney work BEFORE the roofing work gets done.
This Newton home needed repairs to its slate roof. Once we inspected the roof to evaluate the damage, we identified the problems with their stucco chimney. Cracks, pits and erosion were allowing rain water to seep in to the structure and causing further damage. It was best to complete the chimeny repairs before the roof work began.

stucco chimney repair prior to roof repair

Aside from flashing issues, a common cause of leaks developing around a chimney, as shown here, is water seeping into a chimney’s eroding bricks or stucco and compromising the structural integrity of the chimney. It’s a good idea to have your chimney examined a professional.

Just today, our masonry men were saying; “It’s so, just so much more work to protect the roof after”

repair to stucco chimney prior to roof repair


Let Landmark Roofing install the best, and in the right order, before you are fixing the rest.

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