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Ventilation and Chimney Flashing

Posted on: October 7th, 2013 by editor

This project in Mansfield was completed in 1 day.

Preparing for Ventialtion and Chimney flashing roof work Proper prior planning prevents poor performance (the 6 p’s).Roof ventilation and chimney flashing
We spent only one day on the site. This took many resources to make it happen.

Roof ventilation and chimney flashing


The roof was only 17 years old. The classic “builder’s special”.


Landmark Roofing knows how to inspect, detect, and make our customers enjoy the minimum headaches.


Landmark Roofing – Installing the best – Repairing the rest.

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Wood Gutter Maintenance

Posted on: October 7th, 2013 by editor

The gutter system on your home is its first defense against weather elements.

As we know all too well, if a roof does not do its job, the home is not well protected. Your roof will capture rainwater that it must then channel away from the structure through spouts. If the gutters are clogged or damaged, the water cannot reach the spouts and will pool up on the roof causing expensive roof damage.

Your home may be a classic house in need of repair, or a new home designed in a more traditional style. Wood gutters can be beautiful, as well as functional in the protection of your home’s roof. Wood gutters can be shaped as V-shaped eaves troughs or in half-round styles which can be shaped and painted to match the trim. Wood gutters, however, may require some additional maintenance, and require specific skills to repair.

Often wood gutters are joined with flashings – seams, end caps, outlets, and miters. If left untreated, these failed flashings will ruin an otherwise good wood gutter. It is important that these wood gutters be cleaned and oiled regularly, and by someone who knows what to look for, and how exactly to repair. Wood gutter maintenance is critical for the integrity of the roofing system.

Landmark Roofing, with years of roofing experience under our own roofs, is expert at inspecting, cleaning and repairing wood gutters. Often, we are called upon to line wood gutters with copper which will add years to the integrity of the gutters.


Landmark Roofing – Installing the best – Repairing the rest.

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Ice Rail Installation

Posted on: July 13th, 2013 by editor

We recently had a call to a homeowner who had experienced roof damage over the winter. Ice and snow which collected on the roof fell down on the lower canopy roof causing damage to the hip slates, field slates and nearly wiping out the family dog.

Visual of Lower Canopy Roof

Installing ice rails is a way of protecting people, pets, and property such as cars, shrubs, and deck furniture, as well as lower roofing. In the photo you can see the harm avalanching snow caused to the lower roof.

repairs to roof damage from winter ice and snow

First off, new copper hip caps needed to be fabricated and installed.

While installing the ice rails, and repairing the roofing and hips, we installed a gutter debris shedder. By installing this “debris shedder”, you never need to worry about debris clogging your gutters, downspouts, or getting into the “drywells”, or any underground drainage. Those sorts of clogs can do a great deal of damage, and usually at very inopportune times! And as soon as the gutters are cleaned, they begin to fill again. Avoid all that with debris shedders.

Another benefit of this debris shedder installation, is that snow and ice will not fill, freeze, and damage gutters, and downspouts. Gutters that fill with ice and snow get quite heavy, won’t drain well when things do begin to melt, and create an “anchor” for snow on the roof, which in turn begins the ice damming.

It is never to early to protect your homes roofing, flashing, gutters and downspouts, chimneys, and all the other components that keep the water out of your home.
Landmark Roofing fabricated and installed a new triple galvanized steel ice/snow rail retention fence and repaired the field slates.

This way snow and ice collect behind the fence and melt naturally and slowly off the roof. This avoids falling snow that would previously fall down and cause damage.


It’s never too early to start protecting your home or business for the winter.

Contact us now so we may inspect and protect your home for any reason in any season.

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Working in Tight Quarters…

Posted on: June 5th, 2013 by editor

Landmark Roofing recently found itself in a tight job site but with some innovative thinking the lack of space was not a challenge for the workers.


Working in close knit neighborhood


By structuring the tarp over one whole side of the house and the surrounding area the residence as well as the fence was entirely protected.


Using tarp to prevent damage to residence and landscape


With the combination of working with a busy household, neighborhood, and tight space coming up with a clever way to get debris down ensured that the lawn and landscaping went unscathed as well as prevented major disruption to neighbors and our client.


Clever way to clear debris

Landmark Roofing is a name the local community trusts because we pay careful attention to what each client is trying to get out of their project–what their aesthetic tastes are, their functional needs for the space, and other considerations.

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Copper Roof Repair on a Tudor-Style Home in Newton, MA

Posted on: May 3rd, 2013 by editor

This is a photo of a Tudor style home in Newton. Fred is on the rear canopy. He is installing copper standing seam panels that tie into a flat locked and soldered “abutting wash”.

We are also replacing the base flashing, and trim boards.

Copper roof repair

Jim is on the ground at our “on-site fabrication shop”, working on new downspouts to replace those damaged by winter. Other downspouts are being added for greater capacity.

Aesthetically, copper roofs are versatile and can work with a wide variety of architectural styles. They also resist cracking and erosion, eliminating the need for maintenance in the future.
To talk to one of our staff and find out if a copper roof is right for your home, call (617) 965-ROOF (7663) with questions or to schedule a free estimate.

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Problem Solved – Leaky Roof at Chimney

Posted on: April 19th, 2013 by editor

Problem: Chimney Leak

September 2012
Newton, MA residence

Customer reaction: “Landmark Roofing – very professional. Their staff took time to explain what needed to get done and how they would do the work. The work was completed in a timely fashion Most importantly, the always returned phone calls in a reasonable time”


Landmark Roofing was built on principals of trust and down-to-earth communication with clients. We take a very personal approach in doing business, and our owners make themselves available for direct contact, as well as personally managing projects on site.

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