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Installing the Best, Fixing the Rest

Posted on: July 8th, 2013 by editor

Last week Jim and Donald found themselves in Newton Center installing a new hip cap to a slate roof building. “Hips” refer to the ridges on roofs that connect each section starting from the outer corners to the point of intersection at the top.

Jim and Donald installing hip cap

There are many ways junctions of slate roofing can be joined. The most cost effective solution when repairing them is to remove the existing materials and install a brand new metal or copper hip cap.


To complete this in a safe and efficient process Landmark Roofing uses it’s own fully equipped sheet metal fabrication shop. The project also requires some careful staging up to and on your slate roof.


Careful staging in preparation for hip cap


By installing the best and fixing the rest our clients gain a revitalized structure made to last.


Hip cap installation on slate roof

Landmark Roofing is a fully licensed home remodeling company and is Lead Safe Certified with the EPA. We’re proud of our many satisfied clients throughout the area, who often recommend us to others.

View our past projects from over the years, and you’ll see that our work tells a story of fine craftsmanship and of care put into even the smallest details.

Contact usfor more information about our services or to request a free estimate on your roof repair project.

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Copper Gutter Liner in Existing Wood Gutters

Posted on: May 10th, 2013 by editor

Fred and Jim installed a copper gutter liner into existing wood gutters and a slate roof in Wellesley.

Copper Gutter Liner in Existing Wood Gutters

Wood gutters require a lot of maintenance, and can be damaged by our harsh New England winters.
By lining the gutter with copper, the seams and junctions can be soldered, ensuring that the wood never gets wet, and can’t rot. Copper resists cracking and erosion, eliminating the need for maintenance in the future.
Lining the gutter with copper
We remove the slates, install ice and water shield, extend the liner onto the roof plane, and put the slates back.
We remove slates
After this is complete, the owner will never have to be concerned about ice dams, or damage to the wood gutters.

Talk to one of our staff and find out if a copper is right for your home. Call (617) 965-ROOF (7663) with questions or to schedule a free estimate.

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Slate Roofing Installations and Repair

Posted on: April 30th, 2013 by editor
At Landmark Roofing, we provide high quality slate roofing installations and repair services for our clients.
Slate roofing provides a natural stone appearance to your roof that’s both attractive and practical. This type of roofing is known to last one hundred years or more, as well as being fire-resistant and environmentally friendly.



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